Affordable eyeshadow palette

Hi beauties! I thought I’d take a different route tonight and share my new found love for the MORPHE 35O Eyeshadow Palette. First off, I was never an eyeshadow gal but now I see why so many individuals love playing with eyeshadow and creating such catching colors! 

This palette was $23 and was given to me as a graduation gift. If you’re into warm neutral colors then this will be a great purchase especially for those just starting with makeup! 

The textures of these shadows are so easy to blend due to the creamy consistency and pretty pigmented color. I highly suggest this palette! 

Share photos or your experience with this palette if you’ve tried this out!!! 

Here are a couple looks I created so far. 

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My very first blog post- Life After College

Let’s just be honest, I am pretty troubled as to where and how I should start this blog post. The thoughts of should I begin with my personal background or to save that for later and go straight to it. However, I do feel that it is necessary to share that I am 23 years old and prefer to go by Cess.

There are a great amount of reasons as to why I wanted to begin blogging. I will share a few, I enjoy writing but I absolutely love connecting with others and ultimately, helping those who are acceptive of it of course.

I’ve been thinking that I could probably relate to many of you out there who are probably experiencing life the way I am; Life After College.

It’s been a little over a year since I graduated from college and received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. Oh yeah and that I’ve also moved back home with my family (not a bad transition). Within the past year, I was given the opportunity to begin two employment careers. You can probably guess that it did not last too long.. To be perfectly honest, now THAT was a challenging transition for me. What I mean is, I’ve been in school for more 12 plus years and suddenly I was a case manager. Man did I feel the pressure. I felt a tremendous amount of sadness and stress because I felt as if I wasn’t in any position, especially being 22 and being responsible for 12 plus expecting parents and extended family members to educate childhood development and just real adult situations. I was telling myself, I am barely learning how to be an adult and here I am responsible for so many lives… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shared with you all that I love to help people but I didn’t feel as if that particular position was meant for me, at least not at the time. I’m still discovering the world!

Months later I applied for a more behind the scene position and there I was sitting in my cubicle feeling absolutely loss and stuck. I was missing the interaction with my previous clients, I was surrounded by adults who was there solely for the money and who had no care for the education system. Again, I was feeling completely loss. I didn’t know whether I should leave… The thought of upsetting my parent crossed my mind and I just didn’t want to disappoint them again by leaving.

Oddly… an incident happen that sort of was a blessing in disguise helped me. Unfortunately, I was assaulted after work hours and I was unable to work due to bodily injuries. I’m fine now but the idea of not feeling secure around that work setting immediately rang a bell that I should not return.

So here I am 5 months later and unemployed… You’re probably wondering what have I been doing these past few months. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been watching my baby brother and yes, I probably did lose my motivation and I’ve gained a ton of weight. I’ll admit I felt comfortable just being home and not going to work. Hey, I have been applying for career opportunities but literally every company rejected me due to not having enough experience- UM HELLO how will I gain experience if you guys don’t hire me?!

As I was applying, part of me would say, “Oh well if I don’t get this position at least I tried”. I said that because deep down in my heart, I knew and know that I am meant to do something big but… I shall touch on that with my next blog post but I do hope some of you will be eager enough to read what’s next. Share with me how life’s been for you?

-Love, positivity, inspire, empower 


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